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Gabe (daemoncorps) has been writing about anime and the like since 2005, but has been babysat by it for much longer. He primarily spends his days distracting himself on twitter or writing for Fandom Post until he realizes he has a weekly webcomic ( to work on. He also just finished writing his first full-length graphic novel about unemployment (

GabuShop & olympia at Crunchyroll Expo 2017!


Just a formal announcement that I’ll be Artist Alley-ing at Crunchyroll Expo 2017 alongside the very talented olympia. If you’re in the Santa Clara CA area from August 25-27, stop by and say hi and look at what’ll likely be a big pile of collective Dragon Ball fan art!

And for those directed here from the Crunchyroll Expo site, some links to our art stuffs:

olympia: twitter | instagram

daemoncorps (gabushop): twitter | instagram